Congratulations Sue

Congratulations to Sue, one of our receptionists who is getting married to Karen, her partner of 20 years, today. We wish them all the happiness in the world and a long and content life together with their dog Baffy.

Fireworks; Does Your Pet Need Help?

Autumn is upon us and soon it will be time for Bonfires and Fireworks. Most of us love fireworks, sparklers and bonfires and can’t wait for the displays, but that’s not the same for our pets. Unfortunately most pets don’t enjoy firework night as much as we do.

How To Choose A Cat Carrier

If you’re getting a new kitten you need a cat carrier to transport him or her. There are loads out there, so how do you choose? Well here Rachel, one of our vets, gives you some pointers on how to make that choice and also gives some