Why Come to Ash Vets?

32000 pet owners in South Wales can’t be wrong! This is the number of clients who have brought their animals to see us in the last few years; animals who we have treated as if they are our own. We have been helping animals for 25 years.

Free Treatment for Rabbits

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week (18-26 June) and we’re teaming up with the RSPCA Glamorgan North and East branch to provide a really special offer for our rabbit clients – free veterinary care for your rabbit. If you come to see us between 18-26 June, we’ll give your

Pet rabbits and how to look after them

How do you keep your rabbit healthy? What do you do to make sure your bunny is as fit and as happy as possible? How do you care for your rabbit. Well, it’s the right month to ask those questions! The 18th-26th June is Rabbit Awareness Week,

Rabbit Awareness Week 2 – More on Pair Bonding Rabbits

Many thanks to Seren for telling us about how they introduced her two rabbits Button and Lola. Keep watching our blogs this month for more information about how to care for your rabbits and make their life better. “This is Button and Lola. Button is 3 1/2