Rabbit Information

Vaccines Rabbits should be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral/Rabbit Haemorrhagic disease. Both these diseases can be rapidly fatal, with rabbits becoming unwell very quickly. These diseases can be spread by biting insects, so house rabbits need vaccination too. Vaccines can be given from 5 weeks old. Older rabbits need

Are You Going On Holiday?

Is your pet going into a boarding kennel or a cattery whilst you are away on holiday? If so, are you sure you’re up to date with their vaccinations? Reputable kennels will insist dogs have an annual injection vaccination, but also a kennel cough vaccination which is

June is National Microchip Month

June is National Microchip month and we encourage all our clients to have their animals microchipped as soon as possible. Microchips can be implanted by both our vets and nurses, by a simple injection into the back of the neck. There is no need for an anaesthetic or