SONY DSCSeptember is National Pet Smile Month and we are doing our bit to support dental care by offering free dental checks to any dogs or cats registered at the practice.

Dental disease is vastly under diagnosed and under treated in the UK. Studies show that 80% of dogs and cats have gum disease by the time they are three years old.

Initially dental disease is reversible, but it leads to reddened painful gums, tooth root exposure, holes through the enamel into the sensitive pulp and eventually loss of teeth. This is of course painful for your pet.

The trouble for many owners is that animals do not show signs of having a painful mouth until late in the course of the disease. Many owners never check their pet’s mouths and are surprised when we show them what is going on. Yellowing tartar, broken teeth and smelly breath may be lurking inside your pet’s mouth. Have a look today, or even better, let us look for you.

All pets who have a dental examination during Pet Smile Month will be given a free dental care guide and a goodie bag containing a fingerbrush, toothpaste and information about dental care. For owners we are offering 10% off dental procedures booked and performed during September and the same discount on dental care products.

To find out more about Pet Smile Month visit
or ask one of our vets, nurses or receptionists and look out for more about dental disease during the month of September.