I love fireworks and look forward to Bonfire night, but there are lots of people and pets out there who don’t.

Many dogs and cats are scared of fireworks, and need treatment to help them cope. For more information, read the article on our new look website.

Every year we treat pets who are terrified of fireworks and we have found that the best ways to help your pets are

Medicate – treat them and treat them early. The medications work best if they are started several weeks before fireworks are expected and continue for at least a week afterwards. There are several drugs which are used in combination to treat this phobia.

Change your behaviour – don’t reassure them, either distract them or jolly them along. Shutting the curtains and playing music to block out noises can also help. (Just avoid the 1812 overture, ’cause they might not like the cannons!)

Den – make your pet a den where they can feel safe and secure

Prevention – use the special CDs to teach your pet not to be scared.

Additional excellent information can be found at the sound therapy website.