Stig_the_kitIt was great to see so many of your at our Open Day yesterday. Several hundred people visited the practice and had the chance to see everything that goes on behind the scenes. Everyone seemed to enjoy their chance at being a vet themselves, espcially in the endoscopy challenge and finding the microchip (it was in the scruff of the dog’s neck, for anyone who didn’t manage to find it).

The chance to see where your pet goes when they are having an operation was appreciated by many of you. As you can see, it’s all rather nice in our kennels; our own pets were quite happy there. The more unusual pets; tortoise, uromastyx lizard and corn snake had plenty of admirers as well. The birds of prey and bats were fascinating for everyone who had the chance to see and handle them.

Boy_with_Eagle_OwlI think many people were reassured by the anaesthetic display and the degree of care we take in monitoring your pets and making sure they are as safe as possible. The diagnostic equipment; ultrasound machine, laboratory and X ray suite all provided plenty of interest and the chance to see some views of the inside of your animals.

The competitions will be drawn next weekend and the winners will be contacted by telephone to claim their prizes of Ash Teddies.

Endoscopy_JackMany thanks to all of those who visited the practice and supported us:

  • Ebbw Vale Owl Sanctuary
  • Greyhound Rescue
  • Bat Rescue
  • Hills Nutrition, especially Lisa
  • Novartis, who manufacture Milbemax, our first choice wormer
  • Bayer, who manufacture Advantix and Advantage, our flea treatment

Thanks to all the Practice staff for all their hard work, both in the run up and during the day.