RunningRabbitRabbit owners in Merthyr, Mountain Ash and Ystradgynlais areas are being urged to keep their bunnies healthy by taking them for a FREE health check, as part of Burgess National Rabbit Week, which runs from Saturday 24th January 2009.

Burgess National Rabbit Week aims to improve the health of the nations pet rabbits, and this year, the focus is on fibre. Ash Veterinary Surgery are backing the initiative and want to spread the message that rabbits are ‘fibrevores’, and require extremely high levels of fibre in their diet in order to stay healthy and happy.

(Thanks to Therapystudio for the photo of the bunny rushing to Ash Vets)

Rabbiteating‘Fibrevore’ is a perfect term for rabbits, as fibre really is key to their good health and wellbeing. The majority of rabbits treated by vets are suffering from problems related to poor diet, which are often so far advanced by the time the rabbit is brought in, they are difficult to treat.

That’s why we are offering free health checks during National Rabbit Week. Even if your rabbit looks fine, it’s still a good idea to bring them in for a quick MOT. If the rabbit has any health problems that are still in the early stages with no obvious symptoms, we’ll be able to spot them and advise on treatment and the best way to look after your rabbit to prevent any future problems.

Prevention is better than cure, and most rabbit health problems are easily avoided by simply feeding the correct type of food. Rabbits should receive high levels of fibre such as grass or hay, fresh vegetables, water and a daily ration of a complete, tasty, high fibre diet such as Rabbit Excel. Cereal mixes with lots of different flakes are not ideal.

RabbitincageOccasional treats are fine, but they need to be suitable for rabbits and should not be given too frequently.

Call 01685 722895 (Merthyr), 01443 478800 (Mountain Ash), 0163999 844488 to make an appointment for your rabbit’s free health check.

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