FABposterHere at Ash Veterinary Surgery we are committed to ensuring that all our patients receive the best care that we can offer them. For this reason we have joined FAB, the Feline Advisory Bureau, a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through improved knowledge of feline patients. FAB offer advice to cat owners, breeders, catteries and veterinary surgeons and organise meetings to pass on new information from international veterinary experts.

We have a special cat-only clinic at our Merthyr Tydfil surgery, in order to allow cats to be treated in tranquil surroundings, without the additional stress of dogs in the surgery. If you would like to book an appointment during this surgery please telephone 01685 722895.

Our Veterinary Surgeons and nurses regularly attend courses and meetings to ensure we are up to date on the lastest veterianary developments. These have included FAB meetings and attendances at the European Society of Feline Medicine’s Annual Conference.

We have also invested in equipment which is particularly important in feline medicine. This includes a blood pressure monitor and a high frequency ultrasound probe to ensure that we provide the best care possible to our feline patients.


Here you can see an older cat having his blood pressure checked.

To find out more about the feline advisory bureau, click the link below.