One of the questions I am often asked is whether I’ve seen anything interesting at work.

I’m not always sure what other people think are interesting. Some things I consider fascinating have just made my friends or practice clients go green. But here’s something I think everyone should consider interesting.

At Ash Veterinary Surgery, we treat a dog who can hypnotise people.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at his performance. Murphy appears about 3/4 of the way through this clip and shows what he can do.

He has appeared on all sorts of TV shows including last week on “Richard and Judy” and has had pieces written about him in national magazines, including “Chat”. He even features in Danny Wallace’s book “Yes Man.”

So do we treat Murphy in a special way because he’s a celebrity?

We think all our patients are special, so he doesn’t get the red carpet treatment I’m afraid, we treat him just like everyone else. Just with one noticeable exception. I’m always very careful not to look into his eyes…