Hello everyone!

Dodger My name is Dodger and it suits me down to the ground as I love to get up to mischief! I am a handsome brown and white staffy, and I am now aged 4 years and 9 months. That would make me around 44 in human years, and I’m looking good! I live with my Mum and Dad and my brother Jack, who’s a Welsh Springer Spaniel, and is the typical annoying little brother!

I’ve been visiting Ash Vets for a number of years after my Mum found me alone and wondering the streets. I was very lonely, but I knew I’d landed on my paws when my kind Mum took pity on me.

At the time I had sore ears, feet and a sore bottom! My Mum immediately brought me to the vets where the medicines they gave me made me feel so much better! I also had my vaccinations to make sure I didn’t pick up certain other horrible illnesses. What a lucky boy I am! I’ve also been identichipped and stayed the day at the vets to be neutered. All I can remember of the day is all the ladies who work there giving me lots of cuddles and attention! They call me the cheeky charmer!!

Recently I gave everyone a scare when I managed to gobble up some rat poison!! Boy did my tummy hurt! I was so ill that I was rushed to the emergency cover Vets that evening, where I had xrays and a blood transfusion. I travelled back up to my vets in the veterinary ambulance, which made me feel like a bit of a celebrity! After more treatment I felt better quite quickly, much to everyones relief!

I continue to visit my friends at Ash vets as I have ongoing problems with my ears, but I really don’t mind going. Everyone there knows me well, and I always get a cuddle from the ladies!

Love and licks,