SaliMaliHello, my name is Sali Mali. I am part of Mel, the vets, family. I haven’t always lived with them though, I used to be a stray. I am very happy not in general, but every now and then, my world turns upside down by these hideous loud bangs and squeals that happen at night. There’s been a bad spell of it recently as you might have noticed. I think my family refer to them as “fireworks.” Most humans seem to think of them as entertainment, but I’m afraid I cannot agree! They terrify me.

My family do a lot to help me though. One thing they’ve done is to set up a den in the lounge for me. It’s a safe place for me to hide when I’m scared. It’s cosy and dark and no-one else is allowed in there.

They set it up for me last year when the fireworks were going off and I like it so much they’ve left it up for me all year round. They use a DAP diffuser near my kennel which is great, because it takes me back to those carefree days when I was a young puppy and my mum looked after my brothers and sisters. It really helps me relax. They give me some special tablets to help me chill out a bit. They say it’s important for me to have these long before the fireworks start, so I take them all through October and into November. They’re not sedatives though; being sleepy wouldn’t help at all.

Have a chat with the nurses and vets at the surgery if you think your pet needs some help to cope with the fireworks. Don’t forget, these things can help with other worries too, like thunder storms.