CarSicknessPhotoAs many as 1 in 6 dogs are reported to suffer from travel-sickness, meaning that they miss out on many exciting trips to the beach; long enjoyable walks or even holidays with their owners.

Help is now at hand with two medications designed to cure car sickness in dogs. A new tablet will stop your dog vomiting for a whole day, without sedation, meaning that dogs can enjoy a wonderful day out without worrying about the distress of car sickness. This tablet will not sedate or disorientate your pet, or make it sleepy.

Pheromone collars and sprays will reduce anxiety and allow your dog to feel more settled and relaxed in the car. Motion (or travel) sickness is thought to be caused by a combination of stress, anxiety and movement causing disturbances in the balance mechanism in the inner ear. The tablets and pheromone treatments can be used in combination for fast relief.

CereniaPictureDogs usually first suffer motion sickness when they are puppies and are thought to experience progressively greater levels of stress during later journeys.

DAPCollarNot all dogs suffering from motion sickness actually vomit. If your dog shows any of the following signs when it’s travelling, then it may be suffering the early effects of travel sickness:

  • Hypersalivation/drooling
  • Panting/sweating/licking its lips
  • Restless/anxious behaviour
  • Trembling
  • Retching

If you think, or know your dog is suffering from travel sicknes, then please telephone the surgery and make an appointment to discuss the condition with a vet.

DAPSprayHere are some practical DOs and DON’Ts for pet owners travelling with their pet this summer:

  • Do allow plenty of fresh air into the car, but don’t let it get too cold
  • If the dog associates the car with an enjoyable activity, such as a walk at the destination, then this will help reduce anxiety and fear.
  • Don’t just assume the problem will go away or the dog will ‘get over it’.
  • Do ask us for help.
  • Do start training young puppies to enjoy car journeys early in life; you can do this even before they have finished their initial vaccination course.

More information about travelsickness can be found here.