SONY DSCGuy Fawkes Night, the 5th of November, is nearly upon us along with its associated bangs, crashes and bright lights. Whilst most of us love fireworks, many of our pets do not, which is why we advise keeping all animals indoors on Bonfire Night.

For some animals, this fear of fireworks can develop into a full blown phobia. We advise that all animals with a fear of fireworks should be treated. This treatment needs to start now, as the medication is most effective if given from four weeks before the big day. If you have a pet with a fear of fireworks, please make an appointment to discuss your pet’s condition now.

We recommend that for the long term, animals with a firework phobia should be taught to get over this fear. To do this you use a special CD of firework noises, and teach your pet to associate the noise with enjoyable things such as games and treats. This uses a process called desensitisation; which can cure the phobia.

If you would like to find out more about firework phobias and their treatment click here.