Fabulous Foster Dog


Hi everyone, my name is Kurt and I am a staffie cross. I have an unusual colour coat, a lovely warm red shade and it really makes me stand out in a crowd. I’m aged five years and eight months, which would make me around forty seven in human years. Everyone is surprised by this as I look ( and act!) a lot younger. An interesting fact about me is that I am a foster dog, originally from Dogs Trust in Bridgend. I already had quite a few health problems when my Mum and Dad decided to foster me. I also live with my big brother Jonathan, who looks after me very well and always gives me lots of love and attention.

My main issue at first was the fact that I had cruciate problems, which means I had a damaged ligament in my knee. I feel ever so stiff on times, but once I’m up and about it gets better. I take daily medication to help with this and it really makes a difference. I have had the full basic care which includes all my vaccinations and I’ve been neutered. Another condition I have is problems with my skin, I’m very sensitive you know! My friends at Ash have done lots of tests, which always come complete with lots of cuddles, so I don’t really mind. As it turns out I am allergic to…….. dandelions, nettles, beech, olive, grass pollens, wheat and feathers to name a few!! I have a number of things to combat this including regular immunotherapy vaccines.

In November 2008 I developed a firework phobia. I heard all the loud bangs and booms one night and got ever so scared. I started to shiver and shake, and I didn’t understand that the noises were just for fun. I became increasingly nervous and it got to the stage that I wouldn’t go out to the loo on my own. My Mum spoke to Rachel, a vet at Ash who knows quite a lot about these things. With lots of good advice put into practice by my family I am now feeling much more confident.

Recently my eyes started to feel very itchy, so much so that I couldn’t stop rubbing them. My Mum noticed the problem and whisked me straight down to my friends at Ash. They found I had masses on both my upper eyelids. We tried some medication at first but they continued to grow and the best option was to have an operation to remove them. My big brother Jonathan told me to be brave but I wasn’t that nervous as we are old friends at Ash, and I was desperate for the itching to go away. I can remember having lots of cuddles on the day of my op and had lots of TLC when I arrived home. The itching has now stopped and I feel fine. What a relief!

I think my family and friends are wondering what next!! I think you’ll agree I am a very lucky foster boy, you could say I’ve landed on my paws.

Love and licks, Kurt. xxx