PetSmileLogoSeptember is Pet Smile Month, and we would like to offer all our clients with dogs or cats the chance of a free dental examination during the month. You can book a appointment with our fully qualified veterinary nurses to have a free assessment of your pet’s dental health. All those who have a dental check will be given a goodie bag to take home.

More than 80% of cats and dogs over three years old have dental disease requiring treatment. Are you sure that your pet is not one of these poor animals with untreated dental problems? We offer you a free chance to make sure that all is fit and well in your pet’s mouth.

Any problems will be referred to a vet for evaluation and treatment. All dental procedures undertaken during September will be at a 10% discount. This includes dental surgery, tooth extraction, ultrasonic scaling and polishing, toothpaste, dental chews, Hills t/d diet and Dentagen antiplaque solution which can be added to the water.

Should any of your pets need dental treatment, we use an ultrasonic scaler, as a human dentist would. This allows us to clean all the plaque and tartar from the teeth. The teeth are the examined thoroughly using a dental probe and any diseased or painful teeth are removed. The teeth are then polished and a special coating is applied to prevent re-formation of plaque.

Cleaning with a toothbrush is the best way to keep you pet’s teeth clean and many owners do so daily. If you are not able to clean your pet’s teeth, or don’t know how to, then please ask any of our vets or nurses for advice.

So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment for your free dental health check and keep your pet smiling.

For more infomation about Pet Smile Month and dental care look here.