fireworksBonfire night is rapidly approaching and if your dog or cat suffers from a fear of fireworks you need to start treatment early.

The medication for firework phobia is most effective when started well in advance of the predicted date of displays. We advise that if your dog or cat suffers from this problem, treatment should be started without delay. Animals should receive DAP or Feliway treatment, tablets if required and given a refuge where they can hide from the fireworks and feel safe within the house.

Your attitude and behaviour can make a big difference to how your pet reacts to fireworks, so make sure you know how to behave. Do not shout at your pet for being scared, or reassure them either as both these reactions just convince them that there is something to be scared of. Instead try to jolly them along and distract them, or if they won’t listen to you, ignore them until they are calm.

Once the scary fireworks are over, it is vital to teach your pet that there is nothing to be scared of, by using behavioural training techniques and special CDs designed for the job.

Please speak to any of our vets about firework treatment or desensitisation.

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