RockyHello!! Let me introduce myself. I’m Rocky and I’m a very excitable and playfully lurcher. I live locally along with my Mum and Dad (in human form!) brother Lee,sisters Sian and Emma and not forgetting Dewi and Casey, the younger members of the household. I’m coming up to one and a half years old now, which in doggy years makes me a youthful 21! In those years I have managed to cram in quite a lot of drama. Here’s my story….

Back in February I was out for a stroll when another dog took a particular dislike to me. Before I knew what was happening he attacked me, biting my mouth, nose and leg. What a bully!! Thanks to how fast I can run I managed to get away. My Mum rushed me straight to the vets where I was seen straight away as an emergency case.

Mel the vet examined me and revealed the wound to my leg was particularly nasty and needed stitches. My after-care included weeks of antibiotics and dressing changes. During this time I got to know everyone at Ash vets and didn’t mind my visits at all!

My dressings on my leg where often brightly coloured, sometimes with special stickers which read things like “Ouch”. The nurses applied them with care and joked that my tail never stopped wagging! I felt very proud when they told my family what a good patient I was.

As my wound healed and the dressings finally where removed it started to itch itch itch!! This made me want to lick it so I had to wear a custom collar which my Mum joked that it made me look like a lampshade.

All was well for a few months and I had no reason to visit my veterinary friends until one day while out on a walk I got a little over exited and decided to jump into the air. I came down with a bang right on my newly healed leg!! Boy did it hurt so straight back down to Ash for yet another emergency appointment.
I needed an xray to determine exactly what I had done and it showed I had a nasty fracture. This needed surgery to repair it and I even had special pins inserted in my leg for extra support.

I can remember waking up after my operation to see all the friendly faces of my veterinary friends looking at me with concern. With their encouragement I was soon up and about, with yet another dressing on!!

I now am in a familiar routine of visiting the vets every so often to have it changed. I don’t mind at all and am still a good patient. I get lots of fuss and attention which I love, and if I’m lucky maybe even a doggy snack afterwards. I still find it hard to keep still and I do have a love of bouncing “Tigger” style, but lets hope there’s no more accidents to follow. Bye bye for now,
Love and licks