DSC08287At the start of the year, many of us make resolutions to improve our health – a diet, trip to the gym, or joining a new exercise class are often on the cards. Most of our pets could also benefit from the improvements we are trying to make in our own health at this time. A good health regime is vital for their wellbeing too.

All pets should be on a good quality, balanced food, appropriate for their age and lifestyle. We reccomend the Hills Science Diet range. If your pet (like many of us) is carrying a few extra points over Christmas, why not tailor your exercise to include them; take your dog for a walk, or play some games with your cat to encourage them to burn those calories.

Adult dogs and cats should be wormed every 3 months; puppies and kitten wormed more frequently. Milbemax is the only worming tablets with treats the potentially lethal lungworm, which is becoming more common in this area. Fleas are a year round problem, now most of us have central heating, so Advantage or Advantix should be applied monthly, all through the year.

Many older dogs and cats have dental disease, which can be prevented by a routine of regular cleaning. Started young, this will protect their health for the whole of their life. Even if started later, if can make a big difference to their ongoing health and comfort.

If you would like advice on preventative healthcare, please make an appointment for one of our free nurse clinics, to discuss keeping your pet healthy.