OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello, my name is Neo and I’m a very handsome Dalmatian, as you can see from my picture.

I’ve been very ill recently and I’m ashamed to say that I brought a lot of it on myself by being silly and eating something I shouldn’t have done.

When I was bored in the house one day, I decided to eat a pair of pants. No one can understand why, because they can’t have been very fun to eat in the first place. My Mum makes fantastic cakes, so my friends at the vets wonder why I didn’t eat one of those instead.

I was fine for a few days, but then I started to feel very sick. I couldn’t keep anything down and was utterly miserable. The nice vets at Ash took some X-rays and decided that I needed an operation to remove the pants that I had eaten. I’d given them a really good chewing, so they had to make several holes in my intestines to get all the stringy bits out.

I went down to the emergency service overnight, so I could stay on my drip and have lots of painkilling and by the next day, I was feeling much better.

It was a week later and I was almost fully recovered when I suddenly got another pain in my tummy. I had to have another operation, because everyone was worried I’d developed an infection. There was no sign of that; in fact the wounds from the previous surgery had healed beautifully. No one knows exactly why, but I had developed a blood clot to a completely different area of my intestines and a big piece had to be removed.

Everyone was so worried about me. I had to stay in the vets again on a drip and was given lots of drugs to make me feel better. I had tons of hugs and cuddles from Mum and Dad, and my sister when I finally got home and slowly I’m getting better.

All the staff at the vets have been telling me what a lucky dog I am, because everyone was very worried I might not make it after the operations.

I’m happy, because I keep being told I need to eat more to put weight back on, so I get lots of yummy food. My people hope I’ve learned my lesson and I think I might draw the line at eating pants again, although I’ve already tried toilet roll, which my Mum didn’t approve of at all.

I’m planning to be back to my normal bouncy self soon, so I can run rings around everyone!
Lots of Love and licks,