photo__35_This is Tomos, who is, as far as we know, the first of our patients to become a film star.

Tomos is almost 2 years old and has attended Rockwood Dog Training School since has was 14 weeks or so. He graduated puppy class and then ventured onto intermediate and advanced classes. His Mum Debbie says that believe it or not he is very good at the agility – although has a phobia about the tunnel (watching Alan trying to squeeze him through is quite entertaining!).

Aside from dog training, Rockwood also provides an ‘Animals for TV’ service and his owners were approached by Martin who runs this side of the business at the end of September. Since the relocation of BBC filming to Cardiff, he had been providing any animals they and they were now looking for a large breed dog to use. Martin was aware of Tomos and his good nature so asked if he could be used.

‘Reluctantly’ they agreed – not really, they say they were very excited. Tomos had to ‘audition’ by way of photograph – not a problem for Tomos as he’s a proper poser! He also had to learn how to ‘play dead’ – he didn’t mind that either as sleeping is one of his favourite past times.

Debbie and Alan were thrilled when he was selected but disappointed to learn that they couldn’t accompany him to the set. He was collected each day of filming in a chauffeur driven van and it was all very secretive.

We’re still not sure of the story line but have been told that it involved Tomos being in a car crash and having an ECG in the back of an ambulance. His trainers were very proud of him and said he was amazing!

The episode is part of the current series of Casualty -probably episode 27 we think which should be aired on 17th March – although we are awaiting confirmation from the BBC on that. You’ll just have to tune in each week just in case.

Tomos is a wonderfully natured dog and very photogenic to boot. A very big softy!