MelwithPuppyPuppy farming is a problem in Wales and especially in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and West Wales. Whilst there are plenty of responsible breeders who are doing their best for their puppies and dogs, there are many careless and irresponsible people to are trying to turn a profit at the expense of the poor dogs, who are kept in awful conditions.

One of our vets, Melerie Tweed has been an advisor on programmes for both ITV and S4C exposing puppy farming and puppy dealing practices. These programmes have both been shown this week, but you can still see them on the Wales This Week ( and Y Byd ar Bedwar ( websites.

There is a consultation process taking place at present about dog breeding in Wales, but there are still dogs suffering and puppies who are passed on to dealers and sold to unsuspecting owners all across the country. Please make sure that you do not inadvertently support puppy farming if you are planning to get a new pup.

If you are want to get a dog, please make sure that the dog comes from a responsible breeder who has a well cared for, properly socialised dogs. Dogs who are going to be family pets should be in a home environment with lots of contact with people, and ideally all ages and types of people.

Always go and see the puppies and bitch at the breeder’s premises, never agree to meet them in a car park or lay-by. Perhaps you could consider an older dog; there are many lovely dogs in rescue centres who are looking for home.

Always look for a healthy, happy dog who is interested in what is going on around them. They should have a clean coat, no discharge from their eyes, nose or ears and no diarrhoea staining around their bottom. You should hear no coughing or sneezing and they should not feel thin or bony.

All puppies shoule receive a veterinary examination within the first 24 hours you have them, so that any problems can be picked up and treated early and you can be sure of a healthy, happy pup.