Microchip_LogoJune is National Microchipping Month and to celebrate, we are offering £5 off microchips for all our patients. This means they will cost £14.99 for the chip and a lifetime’s registration. Members of the Ash Regulars Health Club get a further £5 off this special price, meaning that they can have their pet microchipped for less than £10. Just telephone the surgery to make an appointment.

Collars and tags can be lost or removed but microchips because they are injected just under the skin will stay with your pet forever. This means that if they go missing, you can be confident of getting them back.

Vets, dog wardens, the police and rescue organisations such as the RSPCA all have scanners, allowing them to read the microchip. This means that you will get a phone call telling you that your pet has been found.

You can find out more about microchips and National Microchipping Monthhere. There’s even an app for your phone allowing you to immediately send a message telling the register that your pet is lost. You can download it here.