photoThis is Juliet. She’s a very special cat who has fought through some pretty horrendous injuries to make it back to good health

She was brought in to our Merthyr surgery one Saturday morning having staggered home under her own steam (just). She was very bruised between her back legs with her poor tail hanging completely floppy. She was given painkillers and anti-inflammatories, put onto intravenous fluids and Georgina Hatton, one of our vets took her home to nurse her over the weekend.

We x rayed her on Monday and we could see that she had fractured her pelvis into several pieces and we were worried about her breathing. There was concern that she might have ruptured her diaphragm – the muscle between her chest and abdomen. We felt she needed longer to stabilise, but were worried that she might need a very major operation to repair the diaphragm within the next few days.

By the next day her breathing had improved dramatically. It wasn’t good, and she was still in a lot of pain, but we decided to cage rest and monitor her. Her pelvic fractures were expected to heal with time and rest providing her owners could keep her still enough.

She was very cooperative and over the next few days her breathing improved massively and she started to move about more comfortably.

About three weeks after the original injury she came in so that we could repeat the x rays of her chest. This second time we could see the cause of her breathing problems. She now had healing fractures visible on her ribs. It’s not surprising that it was painful for her to breath. We looked back at the original rays and even knowing where the fractures are, it’s still not possible to see them on the original pictures, because although the ribs are broken, they’re still perfectly in line.

We had to amputate her tail at this point, because she’d had no return of feeling, or movement and as she became more active the limp, dangling tail was starting to get in her way. Within 10 days of this operation she was desperately trying to get out of her kennel and jump onto anything she could find!

It’s fantastic to see how much better she’s looking and how happy and comfortable she is now. What a star!