It is recognised by vets that obesity is a major problem in dogs, cats and rabbits, with as many as 60% of pets classed as overweight, but at the surgery we often see pets who are underweight because they are unwell.

Weighing your pet regularly enables us to track your pet’s weight and see if they are gaining or losing weight, but how do you know what their correct weight is?

Vets and nurses use a combination of weight and body condition scoring to assess your pet because body size can vary a lot even within breeds. Breed weight charts can be useful, but what if your pet is a crossbreed?

Body condition scoring gives an accurate assessment of how much body fat your pet has and is something that can easily be done at home. In this clip, Samantha, one of our qualified nurses demonstrates how to body condition score your pet. If you are not sure of your pet’s body condition score, or how to do it, just ask any member of staff at the surgery.

As part of our preventative healthcare program, our vets and nurses are keen to ensure all our patients have great nutrition. Please ask us for advice about food and your pet’s weight at any time. We offer free nurse consultations to discuss diet and weight control. We also give members of our regulars club a discount on any Hills Science Plan diet purchased at the surgery.