365; 11th August Photo 40It was rabbit awareness week at the start of May, but we’re offering free health checks for rabbits for the whole of this month of May. Please give us a ring to make an appointment for your bunny to be seen at any of our branches.

This is also the time to sort out your rabbit’s vaccinations. Rabbits should be vaccinated every year against both Myxomatosis and VHD. Myxi can be spread by fleas, mites and biting flies, ie mozzies. Recovery from this disease is rare. RHD/VHD is spread by fleas, mites, mozzies etc and can also be spread via people, on clothing and shoes. This disease is usually rapidly fatal.

This is why even if your rabbits don’t come into contact with other rabbits, or they live indoors, they should still be vaccinated.

Biting insects are at their worst during the summer, so that’s why we recommend that you should vaccinate now.

We will also discuss your bunny’s health, diet and welfare in any of the appointments.

Please give us a ring to make an appointment. We’d love to see you and your rabbit soon.