My name is Marja Kipperman and I have been working as a locum at Ash Veterinary Surgery. A locum vet is often required as cover for the permanent vets’ holidays, any sick cover and for maternity/paternity leave.

Working as a locum has its ups and downs. It is a really good way to meet people and travel around the country – I’d never been to Wales before now. It’s a good experience seeing how different veterinary practices operate and you have the flexibility of working when you want, much like a contractor.

However it can be quite tough constantly moving from job to job and learning new computer systems. It is also frustrating leaving cases that you have been working up and not finding out the outcomes of investigations or treatments.

I do enjoy locuming, but it is definitely something I would only like to do on a short term basis and get back into a permanent job next year.

It makes a big difference going to a nice practice, and becoming part of the team, like at Ash Vets and also having friendly and welcoming clients to work with. It has been a pleasure working her.