Hi there, as you may or may not know, Rabbit Awareness Week is focusing on bonding this year. Bonding is really important for rabbits as they are sociable animals, and are much happier with a friend. However they may not take to another rabbit straight off and sometimes you have to introduce them gradually.
We’d like to pass you over to Emily, one of our wonderful and committed rabbit owning clients to show you how she went about this with her two rabbits, Muffin and George:
George is around 9 months younger than Muffin but we waited for them to be roughly the same size before starting to bond them:









Here’s a few of them during their bonding sessions on neutral ground (our landing hallway & bedroom) so that Muffin didn’t get territorial as she has been with us the longest. I used treats as bribery so they associated their dates together with positive feelings and gradually accepted each others presence.

image6 image5









And here’s some of my favourite photos of them together fully bonded & very happy!

image15 image14 image13 image12 image10 image9 image19 image18
















All in all the process of bonding them took months. We housed them next to each other in separate cages so they got used to each others smell. We started off doing very short dates in places neither of them were familiar with and then gradually increased the length of time they spent together. They have been inseparable ever since!