Here are our easy to follow recommendations for preventative health care.

We strongly advise vaccinations.
Dogs: the course can start from 6 weeks old with the second vaccination at 10 weeks old. The puppy can then go out for22126521140_9727cc8b15_z walks a week after the second vaccine. A third vaccination at 16-18 weeks is now advised by immunologists, if your puppy was 12 weeks or younger at the second vaccination.
Cats: the course can start from 9 weeks of age with the second vaccination three weeks later.
We are an ‘at risk’ area, especially for Parvovirus and cat flu infections.
Both dog and cats require annual revaccination (booster injections).

The surgery recommends the Hills range of diets. They are a complete food with everything your pet needs in them. Access to fresh water at all times is essential.

We recommend fortnightly worming until 12 weeks old, then monthly worming until 6 months old, then worming every 3 months for life. Milbemax is a complete wormer in a single dose given at the above intervals and is effective against roundworms, tapeworms and lungworm. Nexgard Spectra and Advocate are combined worming products and flea treatments in one.

Flea control
Advantix is the most effective spot on brand for fleas and ticks on dogs and can be used from 8 weeks of age. It is safe for your pet and the family. We also use Nexgard, which is a combined wormer and flea prevention tablet for dogs.
For cats we recommend Broadline, which is a monthly spot on treatment preventing worms and fleas.

We recommend neutering dogs and cats from 4 months old. The operation is a complete removal of the womb and ovaries for females or castration for males. Your pet will be much better for the procedure and less prone to illness.

Microchip Identification
This is a small implant given by injection under the skin between the shoulder blades. If your pet is lost and brought in Ash Vets Final Session-3346as a stray then the police, the pound, the dog warden and veterinary surgeries all have readers, so can read the chip, access the National data base and safely reunite you with your pet. Microchipping is now a legal requirement for dogs in the UK.

The surgery recommends insurance. We recommend a policy that will give life cover and will continue paying out for chronic conditions e.g. diabetes or heart problems.

Dental Care
The surgery recommends brushing your pet’s teeth with a pet toothbrush and paste once daily starting as puppies and kittens for life to try and maintain healthy teeth and gums. High quality diets will reduce the risk of dental disease eg Hills t/d.

Join the Ash Regulars Health Club and you can save 25% on your costs of vaccination, worming and flea treatment; with extra discounts on food, neutering, microchipping and dental care. Monthly direct debit payments mean the cost is spread over the year – please ask a member of staff for details. Ensure you keep your pet healthy, with the Ash Regulars Health Club. This is not an insurance program, but many of our clients use it alongside an insurance policy to allow them to budget for their pet’s veterinary care.