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Why bother about ticks?

Ticks are in the news, spreading disease to us and to our pets. In a recent survey, nearly a third of dogs brought to vets for other reasons were found to have ticks feeding on them. What is a tick? Ticks are spider-like parasites which spend most

Why Insure Your Pets?

The world of veterinary medicine is advancing quickly. Operations, procedures and drugs which were not around a few years agoe are used successfully. However, these developments are often more expensive than traditional treatments. This adds to the traditional complicated problems such as broken legs and car accidents.

Flea Treatment Danger For Cats

Do you currently use Armitage flea products on your cat? If so, STOP. The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (the people responsible for licensing veterinary products and ensuring their safety) has issued a warning saying that batches of this flea product MAY KILL CATS. It seems that the manufacturer

Assistance Dogs

How do dogs help us in our daily life? Along with the more usual working collies and guide dogs, there are some more innovative working dogs sniffing out cancer in blood samples and biopsies.

What is a Veterinary Specialist (and why does it matter?)

What is a Veterinary Specialist? Why does it matter? What can a specialist vet do that your normal vet can't? How do you find out if the vet you have contacted actually has any special qualifications or experience. Why should a choice a specialists affect your insurance