Until 16th January 2016, we are offering 33% off all Hills Science Plan food.

We offer the full range of Hill’s food including Prescription Diets.

hillsSciencePlanThe Science Plan range is designed to satisfy all of your pet’s dietary needs throughout its life.

It’s a fact that if you feed your pet a diet like Hill’s Science Plan it will live a longer healthier life because it is less likely to suffer from problems Vets with Pets Low Res No Copyright Logo -1291like obesity and dental disease.

As your dog gets older its dietary requirements change and different breeds have different needs as well. You need not worry because we will recommend the right diet for your pet regardless of its age, breed or lifestyle.

Most of our staff feed their pet on Hill’s, so we really do practice what we preach!

  • Kitten/Puppy (less than 1 yr)
  • Adult (1-6 yrs)
  • Mature Adult (6+ yrs)

For cats and dogs in either dry, tinned or pouched food.

hillsPrescriptionDietPrescription Diet is therapeutic nutrition for pets with specific diseases.

It is only available on a vet’s prescription.

We use a range of prescription diets to treat specific disease conditions.

We have information sheets on nutrition.