Vets with Pets Low Res No Copyright Logo -1230Preventing Disease and Keeping Your Animal Healthy

  • Why Vaccinate At Ash Vets? – We advise vaccination for all our patients; dogs, cats and rabbits. Here is an explanation of the reasons you should vaccinate and why you should do so with us.
  • 8 Point Plan – A simple plan, to ensure you have the best preventative healthcare for your dog or cat.
  • Neutering Your Cat – Information about why you should neuter your pet cat, male or female.
  • Neutering Your Dog – We tell you why we advise neutering all dogs, male and female.
  • Socialising Your Puppy – It’s very important to ensure that your new puppy meets lots of new experiences when they are young. This helps to make sure they are well balanced and friendly when they grow up. This article explains how.
  • Information about rabbits. Do you know what your rabbit should be vaccinated against? Or when they can be neutered? This will give you the information you need.

Operations and AnaesthesiaAsh Vets Final Session Low Res-3

  • Guide To Gold Standard Anaesthesia – We are very proud of our anaesthetic protocol here at Ash Veterinary Surgery. We take great care to ensure our anaesthetics are as safe as possible for all our patients. This article will tell you how and why.
  • I’m Having An Operation – Follow Bryn, a lovely border collie, as he comes to spend a day in the surgery and have an operation. He’ll explain what happens when he disappears through the door of the consulting room.


  • Weight Management For Cats – Many of our feline patients are overweight. We explain why this happens and what you
    can do about it.
  • Weight Management For Dogs – Unfortunately lots of the dogs we see are overweight. We show you how to tell if this is the case and explain what to do about it.