Why Neuter Your Cat? Why spay your female cat (queen)? Why castrate your male cat (tom)?

There are many health and behavioural advantages to neutering both males and females at an early age if they are not to be used for breeding purposes.

Queen (female) – Cat SpayAsh Vets Final Session Low Res-3296
Prevents the occurrence of the following:
● Unwanted pregnancies (up to 3 a year is possible)
● Infection of the uterus (womb)
● Breast cancer
● Reduces risk of cat AIDS and leukaemia
● Seasons
● Unwanted attention from male cats

Female cats should be kept indoors at all times until neutered. The recommended age is 4-5 months but the operation
can be performed and is recommended in any older queen. Kittens can be spayed from 12 weeks if early neutering is required.

Cats can be spayed any time during the breeding season. As soon as any kittens are weaned, the mother can be spayed.

Tom (male) – Cat CastrationAsh Vets Final Session Low Res-3284
Prevents the occurrence of the following:
● Spraying and unpleasant odours
● Aggression (cat fights)
● Wandering over large areas and becoming involved in road
traffic accidents
● Cat AIDS

The recommended age is 4-5 months but can be performed from 12 weeks old and is recommended in any older tom.

Give your pet the chance of a longer, healthier life.
● Book your pet in for a free pre operative check
● We can then make an appointment for the neutering operation
● Have your pet microchipped for a reduced fee while they are being neutered
● Opt for a pre operative blood screen – this checks how healthy your dog or cat is before undergoing an anaesthetic

Please telephone the surgery for more information or to book an appointment with a vet. You can find out more about what is involved here.

Find out more about neutering from the Cats Protection League