We will neuter (castrate male and spay female kittens) from 16 weeks old (12 weeks in the case of the early neutering scheme). Leanne

All cats must be seen for a free of charge examination before neutering to ensure that they are fit and well enough for the anaesthetic. This can be arranged at any of our branches – just give us a ring to book an appointment.

Operations are performed in our main surgery in Merthyr Tydfil using our new anaesthetic equipment. In combination with the up to date anaesthetic drugs we use, this makes everything as safe as possible. Your cat will be seen for a free examination 10 days after the operation to check their wound and take out any sutures.

To find out more about why you should neuter your cat please look here.

If you would like to enquire about neutering, please telephone any of our surgeries.

We are happy to accept vouchers from Cats Protection League and RSPCA towards the cost of spaying or castrating your cat.

If you think you qualify for charity help with neutering, then you may be eligible for a scheme that we run with the Cats Protection League.