How to Choose a Cat Carrier

If you’re getting a new kitten you need a cat carrier to transport him or her. There are loads out there, so how do you choose? Well here Rachel, one of our vets, gives you some pointers on how to make that choice and also gives some useful general advice on transporting your cat.

We know that bringing your cat to the vet can be stressful, so we wanted to do what we could to help make sure that you and your cat found the whole process as calm and relaxing as possible.

How to get your cat in a carrier

Having chosen your cat carrier, how do you actually get your cat in there? Vet Rachel offers some helpful suggestions on how you might persuade them to get in there.

How to transport your cat

We know many cats do not enjoy travelling. How do you make the journey in a car as safe and stress free for them as possible? Vet Rachel gives you some useful tips.

(We’re sorry, but this was filmed in a car on a busy road. Unfortunately, the sound isn’t as good as we would like)

Many thanks to Onswitch and Martha Cannon at the Oxford Cat Clinic for suggestions regarding these cat videos.

Body Condition Scoring

Many of the pets we see are overweight. Nurse Samantha explains how to body condition score your dog or cat to detect weight gain or obesity problems. If you think your pet may be overweight, please telephone the practice to book a free nurse consultation, where they can discuss weight and nutrition with you.