We offer a vaccination package for both puppies and kittens which includesVets with Pets Low Res No Copyright Logo -1252

  • two initial vaccinations to give protection against a range of very serious diseases
  • a full examination with a veterinary surgeon at each vaccination
  • advice on a range of health and training topics
  • four weeks free pet insurance
  • a free spot-on wormer and flea treatment
  • free monthly check ups with a nurse until your puppy or kitten is six months old

Our puppy vaccination incorporates all the serious preventable diseases, but especially Parvovirus and Distemper. We also offer an additional Kennel Cough vaccination if required. Kennel Cough vaccination should be given to dogs who are going to come into contact with other dogs e.g. in kennels, training classes or even at a busy park. Please let us know if this is the case.

Vets with Pets Low Res No Copyright Logo -1292Our kitten vaccine covers Feline Leukaemia, Feline Enteritis Chlamydia along with the cat flu viruses Herpes and Calicivirus. Some other veterinary surgeries use vaccines which do not include cover for all the serious diseases kittens can suffer from. This means not all kittens are vaccinated against the very serious Feline Leukaemia or Chlamydia.

Both puppies and kittens require a single booster vaccination each year to keep this protection.

If you are not sure whether you pet has been properly vaccinated, or is due a vaccination, please bring your vaccination certificate to the surgeryVets with Pets Low Res No Copyright Logo -1271 and one of our staff can take a look and advise you.

Adult dogs and cats require an annual vaccination to keep protection. If your dog or cat has never had vaccinations, or their vaccines have lapsed, just make an appointment and under our Vaccine Amnesty, for just the cost of a booster, we’ll get them back on track.

Rabbits, whether outdoor, or house rabbits require an annual vaccination against Viral Hemorrhagic Disease and Myxomatosis.