Why Vaccinate at Ash Veterinary Surgery?

… because we believe that a quality vaccination is vital for your pet. And we promise the quality service your pet needs!

At Ash we use the latest range of vaccines which will protect:Ash Vets Final Session Low Res-3180

  • Your dog against five infectious diseases
  • Your dog against kennel cough
  • Your cat against five diseases
  • Your rabbit against two diseases
  • Your pet against rabies if needed

At Ash you get more for your money. Because we only want the best for your pet, vaccinations are only carried out after a full health check. Some vaccinations are required every year, whilst others are only needed in alternate years.

When vaccinating your pet you also get:

  • Time to discuss your pet with a vet
  • A free six month follow up consultation with a nurse
  • Discounted top of the range wormers to help keep your pet fit and well

At Ash our Vets are supported by a team of fully trained & qualified Veterinary Nurses. The nurses who look after your pets have undergone 2 years of intensive training and examinations with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons before becoming Registered Veterinary Nurses.

Now that’s peace of mind & real value for money!